Poem Book

Word of Heart, Speak is a book I self-published when I was a teenager with a variety of poems. It is available on Amazon for purchase.

I’ve attached the link for you.


Here is a sneak peek of some of the content.

Mama Bear


I want to be your mama bear,

Always available when you need me there.

In the morning I’ll pack your lunch

And throw in some treats because I love you that much.

At night I’ll tuck you in bed

And kiss your little head.

I’ll be home everyday

So when you get off the bus you’ll hear me say,

“I sure do love you today.”

We can play tickle monster until daddy gets home

Then it’ll be two against one.

Daddy will be on a team alone! When it hits seven its bath time,

You’ve got to be in bed before nine.

I’ll fill up the tub with your toys

You can play, but get clean, dirty boy.

Before bed I’ll read you a story,

I promise it won’t be boring.

About dragons or space, maybe a footballs tar

Then you can get lost in your dreams real far.

You’re mama and daddy’s little man.

We’ll meet soon, that’s our plan.