Sleep-Time From Your Child’s Perspective

Sleep is such a sticky topic, everyone seems to be so obsessed with it too, always asking “How is he sleeping?!?!”

And others’ comments make you question your techniques for getting your child to go to sleep.

My son is 10 months. He gets swaddled for every nap and at bed time. We bed share. He nurses to sleep for every nap and bed time. I hold him for almost all of his naps. He nurses all night. He wakes several times at night for various reasons. And you know what? Everything we do for sleep-routines, WORKS FOR HIM. So I will continue to do it despite what anyone or society says. I highly doubt I will be swaddling a 10 year old. There will come a time when your child will not need your assistance to sleep.

Screw what anyone says, they aren’t the ones putting your kid to sleep. YOU ARE.

Yes, I struggle sometimes. Boy, do I struggle sometimes and get so frustrated, but I had to take a deep breath and see it from his point of view. The world my son sees, is not the world we see.

Your baby is not giving you a hard time, he is having a hard time. Help him. See it from his perspective.


Hey mom, it’s me, Malachai.

I have some things I want to say, alright?

So listen up and sit right there,

Don’t go anywhere.

Mom, don’t worry if you’re struggling today,

No matter what you think or say

Tomorrow’s day is brand new

And I will always love you.

I know sometimes days with me are rough,

Hearing me fuss is tough.

I may cry and cry but you don’t know why.

I don’t know what I want I’m just so overwhelmed,

But mom, thank you for always being there to help.

I don’t do it to annoy, I’m just your little baby boy

Who doesn’t yet have the words to say,

“Mom, I just need you a little extra today.”

Yes, my belly is full, my diaper is clean,

But when I cry, I have some sort of need.

I want to know you’re near,

Because when you’re here I have no fear.

You can’t spoil me now because I’m small,

One day I’ll be so big and tall

We won’t be able to snuggle,

Remember this when you struggle.

It’s temporary, I promise you, Mom.

These difficult nights won’t last long.

It may seem like it’ll never end sometimes,

But I swear it will, alright?

I don’t know what’s happening inside my head

But when you just hold me it’s easier to go to bed.

Since you feel so warm and nice

I’m more comfortable during the night.

I know you will never let something bad come at me,

So I feel happy in your arms and at peace.

With you, Mom, I feel safe enough to go to sleep.

In your arms, against your chest,

You’ve created for me a safety nest.

This world you brought me into is so scary,

But with you I am no longer wary.

Bedtime and naptime is a battle, I know,

But when I do finally sleep count all my fingers and toes,

Trace my little button nose

Because one day I’ll be big just like all the other kids.

I’m little for such a short time,

Please, just hold me a little extra tonight.  



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