32 Things Breastfeeding Mothers Should Know

Everything our western culture says about babies, just forget it all. Yes. Just forget it all and follow your motherly instincts. I could write on this for days, but for now, all I’m going to say is your motherly instincts are strong and are usually right. Listen to yourself.

These are all the things I wish I had known about breast feeding before I started. It would have made the journey so much easier, especially in the beginning since that is the most difficult time.

Everyone will parent differently, and I get that and respect your decision 100%, the point of this is to share what helped us the most and to share what I have learned.


To The Mother Breastfeeding For The First Time: It Gets Better

Just. Keep. Going. You can do it! There are thousands of other moms around the world going through the same thing, you are not alone in your breast feeding journey even though you may feel like you are. And those moms who have been doing it for a long time who make it look easy, we’ve been in your exact position, thinking the same things.