A Poem For My Growing Boy: One Day You Won’t Need Me 

Written by: Kaylin Cork

I will carry you when you are happy or sad,

Even when you may be mad, I will carry you. I will help you calm down and not frown.

I will not leave you to your own devices when you are too young to be decisive.

The world is confusing and you don’t understand, I will help you and guide your hands.

When you are just too tired to go anymore, I’ll carry you and keep you warm.

You’ll not always be small for me to hold, there will come a day when you are too old.

You will not need me to wipe your nose or hold your ice cream cone.

You will not need me to tie your shoes or help you nap at noon.

You will not need me to help pull up your pants or help you with your wobbled stance.

You will not need me to feed you, you will not need me anymore very soon.

You are growing up so quickly, I can hardly believe your age.

Every day we turn a new page in your book of Malachai ‘s days.

New mile stones are met, new memories are kept.

You won’t need me for simple tasks much longer, you’re growing so much stronger.

My little baby stop growing please, I’m your mother and will miss meeting your needs.

I will carry you as long as you’ll let me, but when you’re ready to run and play, I’ll let you be.

But until then, I will carry you and hold you, rock you and swing you, sing you songs and play along, because one day, you won’t need me for such things.

You’ll be big and strong with your own family, your own boy to rock and sit on your knee, thinking the same things as me.

“One day he won’t need me to wipe his face or hands

He won’t need me to put on his pants one day he will do it all because he’s big enough and he can.

So for now I will hold you and rock you to sleep, just like my mother did with me.”

Written by Kaylin Cork
They grow too fast. Cuddle them. ❤️



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